Low End PC Performance Guide: Battlefield 3

Terrain Quality and Decoration

Terrain Decoration - Low
Terrain Decoration - Medium
Terrain Decoration - High
Terrain Decoration - Ultra
Terrain Quality - Low
Terrain Quality - Medium



Post - Off, Defer - Off
Post - Off, Defer - 2x
Post - Off, Defer - 4x
Post - Low, Defer - Off
Post - Medium, Defer - Off
Post - High, Defer - Off
Post - High, Defer - 4x


Motion Blur

Blur - Off
Blur - 25
Blur - 50
Blur - 100


Preset Quality

Preset - Low
Preset - Medium
Preset - High
Preset - Ultra

Texture QualityLowMediumHighUltra
Shadow QualityLowMediumHighUltra
Effects QualityLowMediumHighUltra
Mesh QualityLowMediumHighUltra
Terrain QualityLowMediumLowLow
Terrain DecorationLowMediumHighUltra
Anti-aliasing DeferredOffOffOff4xMSAA
Anti-aliasing PostOffMediumHighHigh
Motion BlurOffOffOnOn
Anisotropic Filtering2x (Custom 1x)4x16x16x
Ambient OcclusionOffSSAOHBAOHBAO

The above table is the comparison graphical preset settings. We used only 1x for the Anisotropic Filtering, instead of 2x in Low preset to set everything in its lowest level. This setting is what we used for image comparison and in benchmarking. Also take a look on Terrain Quality where it is set to low on High and Ultra Preset, it is because a DirectX 11 video card is needed to turn it to high and ultra, and we are only using Direct X 10 video card.As we took our time taking screenshots, we noticed that a particular setting, Mesh Quality for example, doesn’t make any visual changes in some areas.

Mesh - Low
Mesh - Medium
Mesh - High
Mesh - Ultra

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