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99% of the time you are gaming you are looking at your monitor. But sometimes you don’t feel comfortable looking at it, something is off while gaming, or ...

The entry-level GPU space has been quiet for a few years, but in 2024 it has started to move again. Nvidia, AMD, and Intel all offer decent cards under ...

What is GameBarPresenceWriter GameBarPresenceWriter.exe is the executable file responsible for executing the Xbox Game Bar functionality, this includes ...

1. Open the EA app, login with your account and search the game you want to buy.   2. From the game’s store page, click the Purchase button. ...

Established in 1985, PNY Technologies Inc. is an American company and one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of memory modules, memory cards, and ...

  Founded in 1987, A4Tech is a Taiwanese company known for producing quality and innovative computer peripherals and accessories, such as ...

  About AVerMedia Founded in 1990, AVerMedia is a Taiwanese company specializes in digital imaging products. The company provides innovative ...

About Walram Walram is a brand of Shenzhen Meixin Electronic Company Limited, based in Shenzhen, China, founded in 2014. They offer a variety of products ...

1. Not Putting The I/O Shield On Probably the most common mistake for beginners is forgetting to put the motherboard’s I/O shield on before inserting the ...

1. Buying a Power Supply With Lower Wattage Than Its Actual Wattage Buying a power supply might be one of the trickiest. One of the confusing things about ...

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  1. We are glad to hear it help.
    We got more articles like this so stay tuned

  2. go to Changing Colors Step #8

  3. try selecting Exclusive Fullscreen in your game settings.

  4. You’re welcome!

  5. AppData folder is hidden by default. Do this to access hidden folders –>

  6. Double click the My Computer icon in your desktop.

  7. Maybe because of the july update

  8. install latest drivers for your video card

  9. I’m not sure, but i suggest you use our Custom Settings

  10. What exactly is the model of the video card?
    The 9600GT we used is 512MB DDR3 plays good with Preset 2

  11. based on your budget, i suggest you get an r7 360 or GTX 750ti, you can’t do dual graphics on r7 360 though

  12. i suggest you cleanup your PC (ccleaner) and then defrag

  13. yes, i already started benchmarking dota 2 reborn.
    stay tuned

  14. another new game is on the way

  15. i recommend auslogics disk defrag as second defragger. you can also check the best performer for specific task.