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Gaming PC Builder is a website by and for gaming hardware enthusiasts. It’s been around since 2010 and covers a wide range of topics in the diverse area of PC gaming. The site is owned and operated by Fulltext Media AB. 

Our mission

Our main focus is PC hardware, including all internal components and accessories intended for (or just usable for) gaming. We aim to offer a steady stream of up-do-date, detailed and knowledgeable information on how to buy, build and upgrade your computer. Because we all have budget constraints and can’t upgrade as often as we’d like, you will also frequently find tweaking guides that will help you squeeze some extra frames per second out of your current build. On that same note, we try to not only cover high-end and mid-range hardware, but also builds that are currently considered low-end. 

This is not primarily a news site, but we will occasionally blog about things that might benefit gamers, such as game giveaways, key hardware releases and other interesting news.

Why us?

There are lots of comprehensive and excellent hardware sites out there, many of which we have no means or even intention to compete with. But what makes PC hardware so interesting is that there is an infinite amount of combinations, meaning that it’s always possible to cover something from a fresh or entirely unique angle. 

And that is what we intend to do. When visiting this site, you will not find simple rehashes of widely available material. What you get is well-researched, thoughtful, occasionally funny but nearly always very detailed content on gaming hardware and related topics. You’ll find it not just here, but also via our YouTube channel and other social hubs. 

Editorial policy

Like all similar websites, we make ends meet by including advertisements in our articles and by participating in affiliate programs. Our product links will normally – manually or automatically – be attached to such programs, which allow us to earn a small commission on qualifying sales from trusted PC hardware retailers.

This will in no way influence what products we choose to recommend. We also never, under any circumstances, recommend products that we would not consider buying (or already use) ourselves. 

While we do our very best to keep our content free of errors, the sheer amount of technical details discussed here may result in the occasional slip. If you notice an issue, don’t hesitate to let us know.


  • Gary Navat, editor
  • Jesper Berg, contributor
  • Talha Amjad, contributor
  • You? If you are passionate about PC gaming hardware and know how to write, let us know via the contact page.


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