About us

Gaming PC Builder is a website by and for gaming hardware enthusiasts. It’s been around since 2010 and covers a wide range of topics in the area of PC gaming. The site is owned and operated by Fulltext Media AB.

Our mission

Our main focus is PC hardware, including all internal components and accessories intended for (or just usable for) gaming. We aim to offer thoroughly researched, up-to-date, and detailed information on how to buy, build and upgrade your computer and its components. You will also frequently find tweaking guides that will help you squeeze some extra frames per second out of existing builds.

On that same note, we try to not only cover high-end hardware but also mid-range and entry-level parts. While we are not primarily a news site, we will occasionally cover hardware releases and other news that might benefit gamers.

Editorial policy – why you can trust us

Like other publishers in the PC hardware space, we make ends meet by including advertisements in our articles and by participating in affiliate programs. This means that most of our product links pointing to retailers will (manually or automatically) be part of such programs, which allow us to earn a small commission on qualifying sales from trusted PC hardware retailers.

This will in no way influence what products we choose to recommend. We also never, under any circumstances, recommend products that we would not consider buying (or already own) ourselves.

If a product has been provided by a manufacturer or retailer in exchange for a review, this is always disclosed in the interest of full transparency. If we take particular interest in a product or believe that a review may benefit our readers, we may occasionally purchase it ourselves with the express purpose of reviewing it, in which case there will be no collaboration to disclose.

While we strive to maintain professional relationships with manufacturers, we put all products through the same range of tests and/or third-party benchmarks, which will minimize the risk of bias towards individual products, brands, or manufacturers.

With regard to factual errors, we do our very best to keep our content error-free. The substantial amount of technical details discussed here may however result in the occasional human mistake. If you notice an issue, do not hesitate to let us know and we will correct it as soon as possible.

The Team

  • Gary Navat: Experienced PC builder and tester. Gary writes many of our tutorials, how-tos and performance guides.
  • Jesper Berg: Has been building PCs since the 1990s and has extensive experience with PC hardware in general – and SSDs and GPUs in particular.
  • Talha Amjad: Hardware editor with years of experience writing for several tech publications including Gaming PC Builder.
  • You? If you are passionate about PC gaming hardware and know how to write, let us know via the contact page.


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