How to Unlock FPS in The Surge 2

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For some reason, The Surge 2 can’t go more than 60 fps even if VSync is turned off and the Frame Rate Limit option is set to 160 fps. This is annoying if you have a powerful PC and a 144Hz or a 240Hz monitor and want to play the game at higher frame rate.

This is how you unlock FPS in The Surge 2.

1. Make sure that the VSync option in game is set to OFF, Frame Rate Limit is set to 160, and the graphics quality is set lower than HIGH.

The Surge 2 Setting

The Surge 2 Setting


Also turn off the VSync and triple buffering option in driver setting.


2. Close the game and go to Documents -> The Surge 2 folder.

The Surge 2 Unlock FPS


3. Open the settings.ini and look for max_frame_rate line.

The Surge 2 Unlock FPS


4. If you can’t find the max_frame_rate line, add it to the bottom of the file. Put a value high enough that your PC cannot reach. In our example, we put 200.

The Surge 2 Unlock FPS


5. Save and close the file.


Surge 2 is now unlocked. Enjoy the game.


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