Improve Performance in Apex Legends

Customize Video Settings

These setting is good for medium to high end systems.

Off – Anti-Aliasing
Low – Ambient Occlusion, Impact Marks
Medium – Model Detail, Effects Detail, Ragdoll
High – Sun Shadow
Maximum / Enabled – Anisotropic Filtering, Volumetric Lighting, Dynamic Spot Shadows

Texture Streaming Budget depends on your graphics cards video memory.

Improve Performance in Apex Legends


If you have low end system, turn off and set everything to Low.


Turn Off Vsync

Turn off Vsync in game and in driver control panel. Also turn on Surface Format Optimization if you have an AMD card.
Improve Performance in Apex Legends


Change Windows Power Plan

Select High Performance or Ultimate Performance Power Plan in Windows Power Options
Improve Performance in Apex Legends


So far these are our improvements.
Improve Performance in Apex Legends


The performance improved by up to 25 FPS without losing much of the image quality. Turning down all of the settings will give you more performance improvements at the expense of losing image quality, which put you at a disadvantage in some scenarios.


Remove FPS Cap

Apex Legends frames per second (FPS) is capped at 144. Unlocking FPS is recommend for high end systems that can maintain 200+ fps.
Improve Performance in Apex Legends


In your Game Library in EA Origin client, right-click on Apex Legends, click Game Properties and go to Advanced Launch Options, type in Command Line Arguments “+fps_max unlimited”.
Improve Performance in Apex Legends


Tell us how much FPS did you get in the comment section below.

Happy gaming!

How to Improve Performance in APEX Legends

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