How to Copy or Move Fortnite to Another Drive or PC Without Redownloading

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Epic Games’ launcher doesn’t allow you to copy Fortnite installation folder to another folder, drive, or to another PC, resulting to redownloading the 30+ GB of files. Not a big deal if you have really fast internet, but this guide will save you some time and help a lot if you have slower internet speed.

1. Copy the Fortnite folder to another drive. It is usually found where the Epic Games Launcher installation folder. 
2. Open the Epic Games Launcher, go to Library, click the gear icon in Fortnite thumbnail, and click uninstall. 
3. Click Uninstall to confirm. 
4. Go to the computer where you will copy Fortnite.
5. Open the Epic Games launcher.

6. Install from Fortnite from Store or Library. 
7. Choose the install location and install. 
8. Fortnite will be queued for a moment, then will begin installing. 
9. Cancel the installation after 1%, and close the launcher. 

10. Open the Epic Games installation folder, and copy the Fortnite Folder. 
11. Open the Epic Games Launcher, go to Library, and resume the Fortnite’s installation process. 
12. Epic Games Launcher will verify the the content of Fortnite. 

13. After verifying, you can now play Fortnite.

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    Anthony Magallanes Lagasca July 3, 2019 at 3:09 am

    after verifiying it downloaded 11gb of file, I copied the fornite folder from a friedn of mine , he said it is up to date

  2. Didn’t work for me. Fortnite “verified” to about 17%, and then started downloading the whole install base again(21.8 GB). The installer even deleted some of the files I had copied.

  3. July 2 there was an update

  4. It doesn’t work for me. It still download even after i copied it

    • Do not cancel the download, instead just pause it. Make sure you have downloaded 40mb before you pause it. Next, completely exit from the epic games launcher. After that paste your setup files that you have backed up into the Epic Games\Fortnite folder. Now starts epic games launcher, goto Library and select resume. That’s it!


    30mb is the sweetspot.
    ​​​​​​​Working nice after the new launcher update

  6. I don’t think this works any more. No matter how many different ways I kill/quit EPIC, it tries to reinstall.

  7. it works, thanks! btw don’t copy/overwrite the .egstore folder!

  8. I don’t uninstall nothing. Simply took Fortnite folder from my pc, DL in my doughter pc epic games launcher then start install Fortnite. stop at 1% and close the launcher. copy my pc Fortnite folder (ready to use) into hers and resume the installation. After a check, Fortnite starts with her account without no DL the 84Gb of program!

  9. Omg this actually works. I build PC’s where I need to install Fortnite quick for my clients. Internet at my new office sucks big time. But now I can swiftly install FN and hand out the computers to my clients.

    I’m really grateful and happy. Wow!

  10. it means that we will nt hve to download whole 40gb game

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