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Low End PC Performance Guide: Tomb Raider


Turning off shadows will give you additional frames per second but will make the scene unrealistic. I recommend to set this on normal.


Shadow Resolution

Shadow resolution setting improves the overall quality of shadows. With low, shadows are blurry. Setting it to normal and high makes the shadows sharper. The quality between normal and high are indistinguishable but high has better performance. I recommend to set this on High.


Level of Detail

Level of Detail controls how objects and terrain would look like. The higher the setting, objects and terrain are more detailed. I recommend  Medium for this setting.



The reflections on water doesn’t turns off and I couldn’t recognize any differences among values (Off, High, Normal) and their performances are all the same. Since this setting doesn’t make any changes, we can turn this off.


Depth of Field

Depth of Field makes the distant objects blurry and fuzzy, but only on Normal. Turning it to High turns it off. We can turn this off. It’s a personal preference, other like the blurry effect, others don’t.


Screen Space Ambient Occlusion

This setting adds shadows on objects. Performance hits are minimal but I recommend to set this on Normal.


Post Processing

Post Process adds additional lighting effects. Lamps and fire produce more light, thus creating more shadows. Performance hit is minimal and I recommend to turn this on.



Tessellation is more noticeable on rocks. The performance hit is a little high and I recommend to turn this off.


High Precision

High Precision puts more pixels on a given space or object making the object more detailed, but in this case we didn’t see any visual difference and the performance are all the same.



Based on quality/performance observation, I formulated our Custom preset to get the best visual quality possible while still having enough frames per second to play the game well


Low Normal High Ultra Ultimate Custom
Texture Quality Low Normal High Ultra Ultra Ultra
Texture Filter Bilinear Anisotropic 4x Anisotropic 8x Anisotropic 16x Anisotropic 16x Anisotropic 8x
Hair Quality Normal Normal Normal Normal TressFX Normal
Shadows Off Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal
Shadow Resolution Low Normal High High High High
Level of Detail Low Normal High Ultra Ultra Medium
Reflections Off Normal High High High Off
Depth of Field Off Normal Normal Ultra Ultra Off
SSAO Off Normal Normal Ultra Ultra Normal
Post Processing Off On On On On On
Tessellation Off Off Off On On Off
High Precision Off Off Off On On Off



Our Custom preset looked like another preset with visual quality comparable to Ultra preset with less smoke and less detail on objects, but the performance is way better than Ultra and a little better than Normal preset. We improved the performance without losing much visual quality. Knowing which settings to turn on and off is really helpful, especially for those who doesn’t have monster gaming rigs.


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