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Metro: Last Light Low End Performance and Tweak Guide




The “Quality” setting is actually the combination of several settings. This setting affect the quality of almost everything in the game –occlusion, shadows, lighting, texturing, geometry, and others. There are visual changes between Low and Normal but no performance impact. High is still playable and Very High quality is slower but tolerable with 42fps on the average and 27fps minimum.


Supersampling Anti-Aliasing


Anti-aliasing improves the quality of edges. In our screenshot, the fence and the rails on the train looked smoother and smoother with higher anti-aliasing value. However, higher anti-aliasing value will result to slower performance, even at 0.5x. I recommend 2x value since it improved the image quality while the performance is not greatly diminished.


Texture Filtering


There are no visible enhancement between 4x and 16x.  The performance is also unaffected.


Motion Blur


Motion blur setting is also affected by the quality setting. When quality is set to low or normal, motion blur has no effect whether you set it to low or normal. You will start seeing blurring effect when you set the quality to high or very high. But then, low and normal motion blur still look very similar, and the performance is unaffected.




Tessellation makes the sandbags more round and adds more detail to ground rocks. Steel bars on the left side are slightly affected. The performances across tessellation level is minimal on the average fps, but the minimum fps is greatly diminished by up to 9 to 10 fps. This makes the gameplay less smoother and expect slowdowns on highly tessellated areas.


Advanced Physx


Physx adds permanent debris, explosion and smoke effects, but notice the cloth is not affected by gunshots. I can’t recommend to turn this “On” on lower-end budget systems as the performance will be greatly decreased to an unplayable level. 4A Games recommends Geforce GTX cards if you want to turn on the Physx.



4A Games didn’t put preset settings to set the values automatically for every single settings. I decided to make my own presets. The custom preset is based on the recommendations for individual setting.

Low High Maximum Custom
Quality Low Very High Very High High
SSAA Off Off 4x Off
Texture Filtering 4x 16x 16x 16x
Motion Blur Low Normal Normal Off
Tessellation Off Very High Very High Normal
Advanced Physx Off Off Off Off



Our custom preset stands between low and high, with better texture, shadows, and lighting. We start seeing occlusions on high preset. Maximum preset has smoother edges due to the applied SSAA. Both and our custom presets are playable while the high preset is slower but tolerable with an average of 35 and 25fps minimum. Playing at Maximum preset is too demanding for our system with only 11fps average and 8fps minimum.


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