NBA 2K15 Hardware Performance Tested

Video Card Performance


With all settings set to its maximum value, the GPU average about 98%and video memory reached 1.6 GB, just right for the recommended requirements of 2GB.

At 1920×1080 resolution, the R9 270 showed no problem on the performance with 68 fps on High and 120fps both on Low and Custom which is the cap fps of the game. The HD 7750 is very playable on Low and Custom presets but can’t reach the playable fps of 30 with only 27 fps on High preset. Lastly the 9600GT is only playable on Low preset with 44 fps.

Lowering the resolution down to 1366×768, the HD 7750 becomes playable on High with  42fps and the 9600GT is now playable on Custom preset with 31fps, but still not playable on High preset with only 16fps. The Intel HD2500 is not playable even on Low with only 15fps.


CPU Performance


The CPU utilization averaged 55% with 4 cores and 70% with 2 cores. If you have a quad-core CPU, higher clock speed doesn’t change anything on the performance – the frames per second are the same from 2.0 GHz to 3.4 GHz. But if you have a dual-core CPU, higher clock means better performance – from 19 fps on 2.0 GHz to 52 fps on 3.6 GHz.


Memory Performance


NBA 2K15 used 1.78 GB of memory and 2.8 GB with the operating system and other software. Increasing RAM doesn’t improved the performance significantly, only 2 fps improvement from 2 GB to 12 GB.


Windows 8 Performance


It doesn’t matter whether you are gaming Windows 7 or Windows 8, both OS have the same 68 fps on the performance.



With high quality textures, realistic sweat, muscle tone, cloth movement, collision detection, and facial expressions, NBA 2K15 is by far the best looking sports game to date. If you have the recommended system, you can set the graphics to maximum with no problems and still getting very playable performance. Both the quad-core processor and high end video card plays very significant factors to improve the game’s performance. If you only have one of them, don’t expect to play with maximum graphics without performance issues – you need both at the same time.  More so if you only have the minimum system. We see it on our tests that the minimum required processor and video card will not give you playable experience, unless you turn down the graphics to minimum even the resolution. This game is sensitive to timing, a split second delay will mess up your shooting so as your overall gaming experience.  If you are wondering what upgrade should you choose between processor and video card for this game, it’s safe to say that a video card upgrade will guarantee you better performance.

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