NBA 2K15 Hardware Performance Tested


Individual Settings and Benchmark



Anti-aliasing removes the jaggedness of the sideline, corners, and edges of the player’s body and of the shot meter. The hair also looks better with higher anti-aliasing value. With maximum value of 8 and 16 for Level and Quality, the frames per second is 68; but turning it down to its lowest value of 1 and 0, the frames per second is 113, almost double of 68. The visual improvement is visible from Level 1 Quality 0 to Level 4 Quality 4. Higher than that is not much of an improvement, but the performance is still diminishing as you go higher.

Recommended Setting: Level 2, Quality 4


Texture Detail Level


Up-close, you will see the improvement on the player’s face – eyebrows, mustache, and the overall textures are finer. On the floor, the baseline and NBA paint are clearer, but improvements on the player itself are not visible. The frames per second are the same across all value. This is the only setting that needs the game to be restarted before it takes effect.

Recommended Setting: High


Player Detail Level


There are no visible improvements or changes across all settings, but the performance dropped on high – from 72 on low and medium to 68 on high.

Recommended Setting: Low


Crowd Detail Level


Crowd Detail Level controls the quantity of crowd audiences – the higher the value, the more audience. The frames per second is only up by 1 on medium, 69 and 68 on high. Setting it to low the frames per second is up to 75.

Recommended Setting: Low


Special Effects


Special Effects adds extra lighting and reflections on the game. Turning it off removes the reflection of players and objects on the floor. Turning it off also boosts the performance from 68 to 97 frames per second.

Recommended Setting: Off


Shader Detail Level


Shader Detail, like the Special Effects, adds lighting on the scene; but turning it to low reduced the fps from 68 to 57.

Recommended Setting: High


Aspect Ratio Correction


Aspect Ratio Correction adjusts the image according the aspect ratio of the monitor to avoid the stretching of the image.


Camera Mode


Camera Mode lets you select different views of the game. I only tested 3 camera modes and each mode has different performance output.



The game doesn’t have presets on video settings, so I made my own presets, including a custom preset based on my recommended setting.

Low High Custom
Antialiasing Level 1 8 2
Antialiasing Quality 0 16 4
Vertical Sync Off Off Off
Aspect Ratio Correction On On On
Texture Detail Level Low High High
Player Detail Level Low High Low
Crowd Detail Level Low High Low
Special Effects Off On Off
Shader Detail Level Low High High



On normal view, differences among presets are not noticeable, except for the reflections on the floor on High preset. Also you will not notice the difference on the crowd because you are focused on the players. Up close, differences are more noticeable. The hair looks better and the body edges are smoother. Floor paint also looks sharper. On the performance, High preset has 68 frames per second while Low and Custom are both 120, but Custom preset looks better than Low preset.

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