Get Your 418.91 WHQL Nvidia Drivers Ahead of Weekend Launches

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In anticipation of an unusually AAA-title-release-heavy weekend, Nvidia drops new ‘Game Ready’ drivers, now at version 418.91. These should prepare gamers for Metro Exodus, Far Cry New Dawn, Anthem and Crackdown 3.

Do you have an Nvidia GPU and plan on spending the weekend with one of the new triple-A games that are about to launch? Preserve your nerves and frame rates by downloading the latest driver right now. Nvidia’s Game Ready drivers have just reached version 418.91, which includes improvements for all major titles that are about to launch.

Among other things, the new drivers are optimized for Crackdown 3, which will now – after many ifs and buts – be launched on February 15 for PC (and Xbox).

Also, Anthem will become available to users of Origin Access Premier this Friday. If you haven’t pre-ordered, don’t use the premium service, or simply don’t care, the game will launch for everyone else on February 22.

Another major game release for the weekend is Metro Exodus. Unfortunately, Steam users will be left out of the initial release. Instead it will, at least for the moment, be an exclusive for the Epic Games Store. In any event, it will launch on 15 February.

For both Anthem and Metro Exodus, Nvidia adds support for the new anti-aliasing technique Deep Learning Super-Sampling (DLSS). Exodus also gets support for ray tracing.

Last but not least, Far Cry New Dawn launches tomorrow, on the 15th February. The game takes a side step in the Far Cry series, just like Blood Dragon and Primal did. The game takes place in the same game world as Far Cry 5 but after the concluding events in Far Cry 5.

To update your drivers ahead of the weekend’s AAA game avalanche, get your 418.91 Game Ready drivers here or via your GeForce Experience application.

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