Fix Fortnite Textures Not Loading Properly

Verify game files

1. Go to your Epic Games Launcher Library, click the … button for Fortnite and click Verify.



2. Epic Games Launcher will initialize and verify the game files for Fortnite.



3. Sometimes it fixes the textures not loading properly, sometimes not.


If that doesn’t fixed the problem, do the next steps.


Limit frames per second

In Fortnite display settings, set the Frame Rate Limit option to 30 FPS and set Graphics Quality to Low. You can set the Frame Rate limit to 60 after the textures have been loaded properly.



Verifying the game files and limiting the frame rate always solves the problem. No need to
– edit config files and registry,
– clear temporary files,
– add command line arguments in epic games launcher,
– install anything that speed up your computer, or
– set the Power Plan to High or Ultimate


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  1. It worked

  2. great one will leave a like if there was a option to leave one.

  3. it worked for me

  4. didn’t work

  5. it dosent work

  6. If further does not work for you can check if your GPU is running in PCIe x16 mode using GPU – Z, This was the problem for me so simply removing and reinserting the GPU fixed it for me.

  7. Wow That worked

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