A4tech Bloody ES9 Pro Gaming Mouse Review


Founded in 1987, A4Tech is a Taiwanese company known for producing quality and innovative computer peripherals and accessories, such as keyboards, mice, headphones, and webcams. Throughout the years they have established a reputable name and became one of the top choice for home, office, and gaming peripherals.


A4Tech Products


In 2011, they established the Bloody brand. Under this brand, products were developed with the most advanced and innovative technology, promises to provide the gamers the competitive advantage they need.



In this review we have the A4tech Bloody ES9 Pro RGB Esports Gaming Mouse. Let’s see what innovations they put into this promising product.


Specifications and Features

Connectivity interfaceWired USB 1.1/2.0/3.0
Tracking SensorPixart PMW 3389 16K Optical Sensor
Dimensions (mm)126 x 68 x 43 mm
Cable Length1.9m
Weight Mouse151g (with cable),
108g (without cable)
Buttons / Switches1x Left button / Right button / Scroll wheel
2x Side buttons
2x CPI adjustment
1x RGB lighting
1x Polling
1x LOD
Resolution50-16,000 cpi (adjustable)
Frame Speed12,000 fps
Tracking Speed400 ips
Polling Rate125 Hz
500 Hz
1000 Hz
2000 Hz
Key Response1 ms (adjustable)
Button LifetimeOver 50 Million Clicks ( Left / Right Button )
Wheel LifetimeOver 500,000 Scrolls
Metal feetOver 300 Kms
Power usage5v / 150mA
Operating SystemWindows 7 or newer
Linux 2.6 or newer
Mac OS 10.x or newer
Android v6.x or newer

On paper, the Bloody ES9 Pro has the essentials for a really good gaming mouse. Its sensor, the Pixart PMW 3389, is one of the best sensors used in top gaming mice in the market. Its counts per inch (CPI) can reach up to 16,000, it has a frame speed of 12,000 FPS, tracking speed of 400 IPS, and an acceleration of 50 G. Aside from that, the bloody ES9 Pro has a polling rate of up to 2,000 Hz for added precision.



The Bloody ES9 Pro is also designed for durability, Its buttons can go over 50 million clicks and its wheel can go over 500,000 scrolls. Its feet is made of stainless metal which they call Metal X’Glide Armor Boot, can go over 3,000 kilometers before it wears down.

The only negative I see or didn’t see on the spec sheet is the lack of weight system. This could really be a great addition since the Bloody ES9 Pro weighs at a 108 grams, which is already considered heavy for a gaming mouse intended for Esports games.


Packaging and Unboxing

The Bloody ES9 Pro comes in with a shiny black box with its name, Bloody logo, and the mouse picture are printed with glossy and reflective material. Features, specs, and other details are printed all around the box. Inside the box is another black box with the Bloody logo. Inside that black box is a plastic casing that holds the mouse. It didn’t came with a manual or warranty slip.



The shape of Bloody ES9 Pro is very similar to Razer DeathAdder V2. It is an ambidextrous mouse designed for right handed and suitable for 131 palm grip and 122 claw grip.



Its body is made plastic with ultra fine texture making it fingerprint resistant. On top are the illuminated Bloody logo, the left and right click buttons, in between are the middle scroll button, the CPI adjustment buttons, and the M button which is primarily the RGB button but can also be used as program button. The buttons on the middle are made of glossy plastic. On the left side are the two side buttons which can be configured through the software. This side has design with little circles, which can be easily mistaken as holes for ventilation, but they are not. This design is also on the right side. Around the lower part of the body from left side to the back of the mouse to the right are the RGB lighting.



At the bottom you’ll see two unusual buttons, the polling rate adjustment button (R) and the lift off distance (LOD) button. Each has own LED lights which will indicate its value thru its color. You will also the four metal feet and the optical sensor at the middle.


A4tech Bloody ES9 Pro Gaming Mouse Review


The USB cable is covered with braided cloth making it lighter and easier to move. It also has ferrite choke to reduce electro-magnetic interference (EMI), protecting the cable from other signals that may interfere. The USB plug is non-gold plated and has the Bloody logo. It also came with rubber strap for easy cable management.


A4tech Bloody ES9 Pro Gaming Mouse Review



On the first run, you will see the Core Changing activity as it initialize the mouse. After initializing, it will set the buttons to its default functions. On the Button tab, you can change the profile, change the button’s function, and set keyboard or mouse shortcut for each profile. This is useful if you want to have different functions of a key for different games and applications, like having different profile for fps games, another profile for moba games, for browsing, for CAD, for worksheets, and others.



On the Sensitivity tab, you can set the mouse’s CPI, Key Response time, and the lift off distance. On the CPI adjustment section, you can set different CPI values for horizontal and vertical sensitivity, which is a little weird and we can’t think of games or application where horizontal (or vertical) needs to be more sensitive than the other.


A4tech Bloody ES9 Pro Gaming Mouse Review


On the Macro tab, this where you create action combinations for your games. You can add inputs from your keyboard, mouse, and combinations. You can also record the key sequence you want to be programmed. You can save as many as 120k combos as it has 4MB of onboard memory, and the macro you saved will still work even if you use the mouse on a different PC.


A4tech Bloody ES9 Pro Gaming Mouse Review


A4tech Bloody ES9 Pro Gaming Mouse Review


The last tab is the RGB tab. This where you can assign LED colors to each key and program its animation. You can make your own or edit the existing presets that came with the mouse.



Click here and select the BloodyEsports Software to download the software.


Experience and Performance

We tested the Bloody ES9 Pro on variety of games. We played Overwatch 2, Naraka: Bladepoint, and DOTA 2, each having different gameplay and I still need to find the right sensitivity and polling rate for each game. But after doing so, I immediately felt tremendous improvement on my aim in Overwatch 2. Tracking and hitting the target is so much easier compared to my previous mouse.

On Naraka and DOTA 2, performing combos are now way easier thanks to the macros. Though some combos in Naraka are very complex and requires timing making it harder to program.



On non-gaming use, again, with the right sensitivity it is way more easier to do things. No need for big movements on the mouse to move the pointer across the screen. When you need to be more precise, like in editing photos and videos, you can adjust the polling rate and CPI values.

The Bloody ES9 Pro might be close to perfection but it has its flaws. For fast-paced shooting games, 108 grams is a little heavy, a weight system could have been an added feature that fps gamers will surely appreciate.

As for the buttons, left and right clicks have a high travel distance, needs to be pressed a little harder. Not really an issue if you are used to. The middle scroll is a little slower and also needs to be pressed harder.




RGB programming is confusing at first and it could tedious if you want create a complicated lighting animation. Another problem is that you cannot bind the animation you created to the button profile of the mouse. Each profile has pre-defined lighting and you cannot change it. You will need to press the M button to change the lighting. Each time you change the button profile it will use its pre-defined lighting.




Marketed as an ESports gaming mouse, the A4Tech Bloody ES9 Pro gaming mouse delivered every features to be one of the best gaming mouse at its price point. Whether you play FPS, MOBA, hack n slash, or an adventure game, this mouse can fit to any genre thanks to adjustable CPI, adjustable polling rate, adjustable lift off distance, smooth and durable feet, comfortable grip, and programmable buttons. You are not only getting a good gaming mouse but also a durable one thanks to its metal feet and durable micro-switch.


A4tech Bloody ES9 Pro Gaming Mouse


9Expert Score
A4Tech Bloody ES9 Pro Gaming Mouse

The Bloody ES9 Pro gaming mouse is a really good all around, not just as a gaming mouse, but also for multimedia editing and everyday mouse.

  • More features at its price
  • Adjustable CPI and polling rate
  • Flexible for most type of games
  • Durable metal feet
  • Large memory for Macro
  • No weight system
  • Big if you have small hands
  • Confusing RGB implementation

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