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DOTA 2 Hardware Performance Tested

Individual Settings and Benchmark



Anti-Aliasing makes the edges of Riki’s tail and knives, leaves, and flag look smoother. Also rock edges are smoother, but when you look closely, images are blurred a little, developers probably used FXAA mode for this.


Specular and Specular Light Blooms


Specular adds lighting and bloom effects to light producing objects.


High Quality Water


Water Quality improves the overall look of waters by producing refraction effect on the rocks underneath and reflection of the environment above.


Atmospheric Fog


Fog adds cloud shadows and it also moves.


Animate Portrait

Animate portrait setting will only animate the portrait. Turning it off the portrait is steady like a picture.


Additive Light Pass


This setting adds gives creeps, heroes, and objects glow and makes them look shinier.


World Lighting


Makes torches and candles give off colored lights.  Also improves sun rays.


Ambient Occlusion


Adds self-shadow effect on grasses, shrubs, and stairs, making its surrounding a little darker.


Ambient Creatures


Doesn’t make any changes on the scene, but it should affect the ambient creatures like butterflies and squirrels to be present or not.


Render Quality


Lowering the rendering quality makes the objects and environment blurred. Some details are also removed.




High Shadow setting adds the necessary shadows of objects and environment. Shadows are remove on medium and low settings, but on medium setting, there are self-shadow left, visible on creeps and tower, while in low setting every shadows are removed.




Lowering the texture quality reduces the details on ground and structures.





We benchmarked each settings by turning it off or set each to its lowest value then turn it on or increase the quality. Shadows on high is the most taxing setting, diminishing 23 frames per second, and also has the most visible effect. Additive light pass is the next most taxing setting diminishing 18 frames per second, while Render Quality at 70% is the least demanding diminishing only 5 frames per second. Through this performance results and visual quality, we came up with our custom settings.















Lowering all the details makes the game look like pre-2000 game – no shadows, jagged edges, and fuzzy and blurry textures. Maxing out the quality still gives us a very playable result of 65 frames per second but our custom gives us 82 frames per second while maintaining the same image quality.



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  1. high can you update the test for dota 2 reborn?


    1. yes, i already started benchmarking dota 2 reborn.
      stay tuned

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