Raja Koduri Teases Intel Xe Graphics Chips

Raja Koduri showed off a couple of Intel Xe graphics chips from Intel’s Folsom labs. He shared images of the chips on Twitter and also showed methods of cooling them.

There are three different Intel Xe graphics-based products. The one on the left is a Xe-HP based data center accelerator. This was teased by Raja a while back and now we get to see it again. The smaller and larger products on the right are new.

The smaller silicon on the right could be the Intel DG1 or DG2. The big one at the bottom is most likely the Intel Arctic Sound prototype. Rumors mentioned that we should get three tile configurations. 1, 2, and 3 tile-based products. This photograph could be a confirmation of these rumors. You can check out images of the Intel Xe graphics chips below:

Raja called the big Xe product BFG – Big Fabolous Package. This is most likely a Xe-HPC based data center accelerator. While we do not know much about these chips, our limited information points towards Arctic Sound with 4 tiles. One of the photos even has ATS-4T engraved, so that might be true.

Intel Xe Graphics

The above picture shows the huge chip being cooled. This is one of the methods in which it can be cooled. It is safe to assume that this massive ship is going to dissipate plenty of heat. So cooling solutions for it should be unique as well.

Upcoming CPUs are going to feature integrated Xe graphics and we know that Intel is working on graphics cards of its own as well. So it is not only going up against AMD in the CPU market but AMD and Nvidia in the GPU market as well. Intel has been lagging behind when it comes to competing with AMD in the CPU space but we could see something impressive on the graphics side.

Ryan Shrout Chief Performance Strategist at Intel recently showed off a laptop that was powered by Intel Tiger Lake with next-generation XE graphics. The laptop was able to run Battlefield 5 at 1080p at the high quality preset. The game was running at 30 FPS. The laptop was able to run the game on the integrated graphics alone.

While there are AMD APUs that can do better if not the same, this is still a step in the right direction for Intel. It will be interesting to see what kind of performance integrated Intel Xe graphics will have to offer once they hit the market.

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