WD Black SN750

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  • Slightly faster than the already-fast predecessor
  • Optional heatsink
  • Small differences compared to predecessor

The WD Black SN750 from Western Digital is an update to and slight variation of the existing WD Black 2018. What stands out compared to the original is that some models of the SN750 are equipped with a heatsink. This is apparently intended to keep performance consistent in warm gaming systems. WD has also made some changes to the firmware that should improve performance. The main competitor for the SN750 in 2019 and perhaps into 2020 is going to be the 970 EVO Plus from Samsung.

Memory Type, Controller, and Cache

Most parts of the SN750 are identical to the WD Black 2018, including the 64-layer TLC (triple-level cell) memory chips from WD-owned SanDisk. The same goes for the controller, DRAM, and SLC cache, or nCache 3.0 setup.

What sets the SN750 apart, other than the optional heatsink, is that the firmware has been updated.

Performance (SN750 Vs. WD Black 2018)

Thanks to its modified firmware, the WD Black SN750 is slightly faster overall compared to the 2018 model (also known as SN700).

WD Black:
SN750 Vs 2018 Specifications
250GB (SN750)250GB (2018)500GB (SN750)500GB (2018)1TB (SN750)1TB (2018)2TB (SN750)
Sequential Read3,100 MB/s3000 MB/s3,470 MB/s3,400 MB/s3,470 MB/s3,400 MB/s3,400 MB/s
Sequential Write1,600 MB/s1,600 MB/s2,600 MB/s2,500 MB/s3,000 MB/s2,800 MB/s2,900 MB/s
Random Read220K IOPS220K IOPS420K IOPS410K IOPS515K IOPS500K IOPS480K IOPS
Random Write180K IOPS170K IOPS380K IOPS330K IOPS560K IOPS400K IOPS550K IOPS

Power Consumption (Laptop Battery Life)

Due to the similarities, the power consumption should not be very different to the WD Black 2018, which was widely power-efficient. Naturally, the heatsink-equipped variant of the SN750 is unlikely to fit in any laptop without removing the heatsink.

Warranty and Endurance Rating

Western Digital offers a standard 5-year warranty with the WD Black SN750 and the TBW (terabytes written) endurance ratings are identical to the previous model. The only difference is that there is now a 2TB model available.

  • 250 GB: 200 TBW
  • 500 GB: 300 TBW
  • 1 TB: 600 TBW
  • 2 TB: 1,200 TBW


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… taking the MSRP into consideration the SN750 is right in line with its performance compared to Samsung.


In its current form, the new WD Black SN750 is a lackluster NVMe SSD for enthusiasts looking for innovative components and next-generation performance.


By 2018 standards, the new WD Black is still a very competitive high-end NVMe SSD, and probably the best overall SSD using Toshiba/SanDisk 3D NAND.

This drive is listed in both our M.2 NVMe/PCIe top list as well as our general SSD ranking.

Specification: WD Black SN750

EAN List

EAN List Element: 0718037865362

Item Dimensions

Height: 9, Length: 87, Weight: 2, Width: 315

Package Dimensions

Height: 90, Length: 500, Weight: 10, Width: 400


WD_Black SN750 500GB NVMe Internal Gaming SSD – Gen3 PCIe, M.2 2280, 3D NAND, Up to 3430 MB/s – WDS500G3X0C


5 year limited manufacturer warranty