Games You Can Play for Free This Weekend

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Top games on Steam are available for free this weekend. These are Rainbow Six Siege, ARMA 3, and NBA 2K19. Rainbow Six Siege and NBA 2K19 are free to play until Sunday, February 17th, 1PM Pacific Time (9PM UTC) while ARMA 3 is free to play until Monday, February 18th, 10AM Pacific Time (6PM UTC). Full versions of these games are available – all maps and modes for Rainbow Six Siege, and complete ARMA 3 base game plus its Apex expansion. Your progress during this weekend will carry over if you decided to buy these games.

These games are also on sale until Monday, February 18, 10AM Pacific Time (6PM UTC). You can purchase NBA 2K19 for 67% off, 66% off for ARMA 3, 50% off for Rainbow Six Siege, and 60% off for Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Edition.

Meanwhile, the PC and Mac version of VainGlory has entered Early Access on Steam and also free to play.

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