DOTA 2 Reborn Hardware Performance Benchmark

6.86 Update

The 6.86 update adds ultra shadow setting. Ultra shadow further enhances the shadows of creatures, structures, and environment.

Shadows - High
Shadows - High
Shadows - Ultra
Shadows - Ultra
Preset 4 - High Shadows
Preset 4 - High Shadows
Preset 4 - Ultra Shadows
Preset 4 - Ultra Shadows
  • Shadows - High
  • Shadows - Ultra
  • Preset 4 - High Shadows
  • Preset 4 - Ultra Shadows



Though ultra shadow setting produces visible enhancements by sharpening the shadows, the performance also dropped by 14 fps, from 123 fps with shadows set on high to 109 fps.



The GOOD – DOTA 2 Reborn is still playable with lower systems and the best looking MOBA when all graphical settings are maxed out.

The BAD – Though there’s no official system requirements yet, DOTA 2 Reborn / Source 2 Engine is more demanding than the previous version of DOTA 2 and Source Engine. Either you turn off or on all of the graphical settings, DOTA 2 Reborn has lower fps than the previous DOTA 2.


And if you looked at the previous system requirement, it might mislead you. We did the tests and the results show you can play DOTA 2 with system lower than the required system.

If we are to build the minimum system requirement, it would be like this:

  • CPU – Dual-core CPU at 2.4GHz
  • Video Card – Intel HD Graphics
  • RAM – 2GB if you have discrete graphics, 3 GB or more if you have integrated graphics

DOTA 2 is already the best looking MOBA, and it even looked better with Reborn and Source 2 engine while still playable on lower systems. The best part is if you want to play with maximum graphical settings, you don’t need to have a high-end system, like i7 + GeForce Titan or AMD R9 390X. A high speed dual-core processor and a midrange video card like AMD HD7750 are sufficient to give playable experience. I have to congratulate the developers for this kind of achievement and I believe they can further improve the game since this is their first release of its new Source 2 engine.


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  1. i have a4-4020 3.2ghz and 8gb rams 1600mhz, HD6850 sapphire. WHY CANT DOTA 2 reborn only in 32 fps even in lowest settings. 🙁

  2. Im planning on buying a graphics card….my budget is around 4-5kphp…will be playing on 736 reso…
    Cpu:a10-6800k 4.1ghz quadcore
    Ram: 2 x 4GB fury 1866mhz
    I’ll also do dual monitor setup for gaming dota 2 and checking stats..both 736 reso…

    Guys what do you think is the most cost efficient graphics card i can planning on buying it next week. Btw…5kphp is about 130-140$ i think.

    • based on your budget, i suggest you get an r7 360 or GTX 750ti, you can’t do dual graphics on r7 360 though

  3. Hello, I’ve a problem with the resolution on Dota 2, in-game while playing the resolution must be 800×600 or lower, I’ve tried to change resolution of desktop and of dota to by rising it at every resolution available but it doesn’t affect ingame resolution, still 800×600.
    Also I’ve tried editting even the file at cfg folder but doesn’t work.
    Please, if any1 know how to solve this problem or has any idea, leave a reply.
    My pc specs are MB: Gigabyte M57SLI S4, CPU Athlon X2 6400+ 3.2Ghz, 6 GB Ram 800Mhz, VGA: GTX 750 Ti inno3D.

    Thanks a lot for any help 🙂