PC Cases

The case is not only the starting point for your PC build – it also sets the tone and makes a statement. Whether that statement is to keep things elegantly discreet or to go all-in with the RGB extravagance is entirely up to you. It is probably safe to say that there is a PC case for any type of build on today’s market.


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PC cases come in every shape and size, ranging from small ITX cases to large towers that will easily house oversized graphics cards and big radiators. There are also oddly-shaped varieties and even cases for wall mounting.

The mid-tower is nevertheless the most common PC case form factor. These have room for an ATX motherboard and the most common components but are still relatively compact and often inexpensive.

Depending on your requirements, there are also silence-focused cases with built-in sound-dampening material as well as models that are entirely focused on airflow.

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